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Next Week's Showtimes

Friday, July 20th 1:00 Ava 6:30 Godard Mon Amour 8:30 Ava

Saturday, July 21st 2:00 Godard Mon Amour 4:00 Ava 6:30 Godard Mon Amour 8:30 Ava

Sunday, July 22nd 2:30 Godard Mon Amour 4:45 Ava

Monday, July 23rd 3:30 Godard Mon Amour 6:30 Ava

Tuesday, July 24th 3:30 Ava 6:30 Godard Mon Amour

Wednesday, July 25th 3:00 Godard Mon Amour 6:00 My Neighbor Totoro

Thursday, July 26th 3:00 Godard Mon Amour 6:30 Ava


Upcoming Films



Opens July 20th


Based on her own adolescent experiences, Sadaf Foroughi’s Ava is a gripping debut about a young girl’s coming-of-age in a strict, traditional society. Living with her well-to-do parents in Tehran, Ava is a bright and focused teen whose concerns — friendships, music, social status, academic performance — resemble that of nearly any teenager. When Ava’s mistrustful and overprotective mother questions her relationship with a boy — going so far as to visit a gynecologist — Ava is overwhelmed by a newfound rage. Formerly a model student, Ava begins to rebel against the strictures imposed by her parents, her school, and the society at large.

"“Exquisitely photographed… visually inventive… [a] remarkably controlled intensity… Ava looks repression in the eye and doesn’t flinch.” -Critics Pick


103 mins, Not Rated

godard mon amor.jpg

Opens July 20th

Godard Mon Amour

With his romantic and slyly funny Godard Mon Amour the Academy Award-winning director of The Artist, Michel Hazanavicius, once again affectionately transports moviegoers back to a unique time and place in cinematic history: France, in the late 1960s. Actress Anne Wiazemsky (Stacy Martin) finds herself juggling political protests and artistic challenges in her married life with renowned filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard (Louis Garrel). As her country undergoes enormous cultural change, so too does Anne’s dynamic with her husband. Godard Mon Amour is a story of both real love and reel love.

"Hazanavicius' irreverence toward a living icon is unexpected, but appropriate. Yet the movie also pays tribute to Godard by imitating the loose playfulness of his early work." - San Francisco Chronical

Rated R, 102 mins

Hearts Beat Loud.jpg

Opens July 27th

Heart Beats Loud

In the hip Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook, single dad and record store owner Frank is preparing to send his hard-working daughter Sam off to college while being forced to close his vintage shop. Hoping to stay connected through their shared musical passions, Frank urges Sam to turn their weekly jam sessions into a father-daughter live act. After their first song becomes an internet breakout, the two embark on a journey of love, growing up and musical discovery.

"A keenly observed story of a Brooklyn father and daughter, charged with the kind of music as free-spirited as the duo is." -

Rated PG-13, 97 mins

always at the carlyle.jpg

Opens August 3rd

Always at the carlyle

For the past 88 years, The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel has been the definition of class and a calling card for Manhattan's elegant Upper East Side. But while it has housed some of the world's most famous clientele, the stories within the walls of the hotel rarely leave the premises. Until now. In Always at The Carlyle, writer/director Matthew Miele (Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's, Harry Benson: Shoot First!) presents the untold stories and well-kept secrets of The Carlyle in a feature length documentary to be released worldwide in early 2018. In the works for more than three years, Always at The Carlyle offers an exclusive and provocative peek into the pop culture history of the renowned hotel, all from the mouths of The Carlyle's own guests and employees. George Clooney, Anjelica Huston, Tommy Lee Jones, Vera Wang, Anthony Bourdain, Roger Federer, Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola, Jon Hamm, Lenny Kravitz, Naomi Campbell and Elaine Stritch join the more than 100 personalities sharing their favorite stories and unique insights in this exposé of New York City's legendary hotel.


"[An] insightful and occasionally revealing look at the 88-year-old Manhattan institution where the rich and famous enjoy being rich and famous." - Chicago Sun Times

Rated PG-13, 93 mins

generation wealth.jpg

Opens August 10th

Generation Wealth

For the past 25 years acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield (TheQueen of Versailles, Thin, kids+money, #likeagirl) has travelled the world, documenting with ethnographic precision and an artist's sensitivity a vast range of cultural movements and moments. Yet, after so much seeking and searching, she realized that much of her work pointed at one uniting phenomenon: wealth culture. With her new film, Generation Wealth, she puts the pieces of her life's work together for in an incendiary investigation into the pathologies that have created the richest society the world has ever seen. Spanning consumerism, beauty, gender, body commodification, aging and more, Greenfield has created a comprehensive cautionary tale about a culture heading straight for the cliff's edge. Generation Wealth, simultaneously a deeply personal journey, rigorous historical essay, and raucously entertaining expose, bears witness to the global boom-bust economy, the corrupted American Dream and the human costs of capitalism, narcissism and greed.

"Generation Wealth doesn't go about trying to garner sympathy for the children of the rich and famous; instead, it opens up into a larger conversation about, as Greenfield intones, "our collective greed, and its price."" -The Daily Beast

Not Rated, 106 mins



Upcoming events


Family Film Series

You're invited to our Family Film Series every Wednesday from June 20th- August 29th!

Showtime: 6:00pm

Price: $5 (includes drink, popcorn, and small snack)

July 11th: Ernest & Celestine

July 18th: Young Frankenstein

July 25th: My Neighbor Totoro

August 8th: Ponyo

August 22nd: Song of the Sea

August 29th: The Sandlot

Cinema Center Family Film Series is supported, in part, by :

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Ernest & Celestine.jpg

July 11th

Young Frankenstein.jpg

July 18th


July 25th

Song of the Sea.jpg

August 22nd

Sordid Lives

Sordid Lives.jpg

August 12th

Join the Dinner Dance Committee and Positive Resource Connection for a special viewing of the comedy, Sordid Lives on Sunday, August 12th @ 4:00pm.

After the death of the family matriarch passes, three generations of family in a small Texas town come together for the funeral.  Hilarity, romance and cross dressing ensue through their stories of love, acceptance and “coming out.” The film features an all-star cast including Emmy-award winning Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace) who will be headlining and co-emceeing the 30th annual Dinner Dance of Fort Wayne on October 6th at the Grand Wayne Center.  The Positive Resource Connection will receive 50% of the movie ticket proceeds but mainly we want to highlight the hilarious Leslie Jordan and encourage you to meet him in person at the 30th Annual Dinner Dance Benefit. To learn more about, and to purchase tickets for The Dinner Dance, click here.

All tickets $10