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Next Week's Showtimes

Friday, September 21st 1:00 Love, Gilda 6:30 Tawai: A Voice From the Forest 8:30 Love, Gilda

Saturday, September 22nd 2:30 Tawai: A Voice From the Forest 4:30 Love, Gilda 6:30 Tawai: A Voice From the Forest 8:30 Love, Gilda

Sunday, September 23rd 2:00 Love, Gilda 4:00 Tawai: A Voice From the Forest 6:00 Love, Gilda

Monday, September 24th 3:30 Tawai: A Voice From the Forest 6:30 Love, Gilda

Tuesday, September 25th 3:30 Love, Gilda 6:30 Tawai: A Voice From the Forest

Wednesday, September 26th 3:00 Tawai: A Voice From the Forest 6:30 Love, Gilda

Thursday, September 27th 3:00 Love, Gilda 6:30 Tawai: A Voice From the Forest 8:30 Love, Gilda


Upcoming Films



Opens September 21st

Tawai: A Voice From the Forest 

Tawai is the word the nomadic hunter gatherers of Borneo use to describe their inner feeling of connection to nature. In this dreamy, philosophical and sociological look at life, explorer Bruce Parry travels the world to learn from people living lives very different to our own. From the jungles of Malaysia to the tributaries of the Amazon, TAWAI is a quest for reconnection, providing a powerful voice from the heart of the forest itself.

“It's sincere, thought-provoking and gives you space to meditate on its message.” -Time Out

“Parry makes for an amiable travelling companion. Will his unabashed tree-hugging translate at a moment of peak climate-change denial? We do hope so.” -Irish Times

Not Rated, 101 mins

Love Gilda.jpg

Opens September 21st

Love, Gilda

LOVE, GILDA opens a unique window into the honest and whimsical world of beloved performer Gilda Radner, whose greatest role was sharing her story. Working with the Radner estate, D'Apolito unearthed a collection of diaries and personal audio and videotapes documenting her childhood, her comedy career, her relationships and ultimately, her struggles with cancer. These never-before-seen-or-heard footage and journal entries form the narrative spine of the documentary, allowing Gilda to tell her own story - through laughter and sometimes tears.

“God bless Gilda Radner for having the foresight to know that people wanted to know her.” - Indie Wire

“Most crucially, D'Apolito allows her subject to guide the story from start to finish. Radner's gentle spirit and wise observations connect each chapter, bringing us into her life with an unusual intimacy.” - The Wrap

Not Rated, 86 mins

The Bookshop.jpg

Opens September 28th

The Bookshop

England, 1959. Free-spirited widow Florence Green (Emily Mortimer) risks everything to open a bookshop in a conservative East Anglian coastal town. While bringing about a surprising cultural awakening through works by Ray Bradbury and Vladimir Nabokov, she earns the polite but ruthless opposition of a local grand dame (Patricia Clarkson) and the support and affection of a reclusive book loving widower (Bill Nighy). As Florence's obstacles amass and bear suspicious signs of a local power struggle, she is forced to ask: is there a place for a bookshop in a town that may not want one? Based on Penelope Fitzgerald's acclaimed novel and directed by Isabel Coixet (Learning to Drive), The Bookshop is an elegant yet incisive rendering of personal resolve, tested in the battle for the soul of a community.

“The Bookshop is a gentle, quiet film in which not a whole lot happens... But it's beautifully evocative of the musty, inviting smell of a bookshop on a cool day, or of the nostalgic pleasure of old photographs.” - Seattle Times

“It's a strange film: small, sad (without being tragic) and yet sweet without being syrupy.” - Washington Post

Rated PG, 113 mins

Juliet Naked.jpg

Opens September 28th

Juliet, Naked

Annie (Rose Byrne) is stuck in a long-term relationship with Duncan (Chris O'Dowd) - an obsessive fan of obscure rocker Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke). When the acoustic demo of Tucker's hit record from 25 years ago surfaces, its release leads to a life-changing encounter with the elusive rocker himself. Based on the novel by Nick Hornby, JULIET, NAKED is a comic account of life's second chances.

“Open-hearted and sure to resonate with more than a few viewers, Juliet, Naked roms and coms in the most charmingly honest ways.” - Globe and Mail

“There's a low-key charm to "Juliet, Naked," a feeling that everyone making it was in a good mood and wanted the same for the rest of us.” - Minneapolis Star Tribune

Rated R, 98 mins

The System 3.jpg

Opens October 5th

The System

Vastly different lives and perspectives become intertwined when a police officer suffering from recurring post-traumatic stress disorder shoots a deaf African-American child, exposing layers of corruption and racial tension within the political, judicial and prison systems. After the system fails to bring justice, the father of the slain youth contemplates taking matters into his own hands. His decision leads to a crescendo of exasperation that forever will change the lives of everyone involved.

Written and directed by Irin Iroc Daniels, The System provides a thought-provoking commentary on corruption, racism, and prejudice, as well as the multi-layered intricacies and complexities from both sides of the issues.

Not Rated, 92 mins


Opens October 5th

Blaze - Opens October 5th

BLAZE is inspired by the life of Blaze Foley, the unsung songwriting legend of the Texas outlaw music movement that spawned the likes of Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson. The film weaves together three different periods of time, braiding re-imagined versions of Blaze's past, present and future. The different strands explore his love affair with Sybil Rosen; his last, dark night on earth; and the impact of his songs and his death had on his fans, friends, and foes. The braided storyline terminates in a bittersweet ending that acknowledges Blaze's profound highs and lows, as well as the impressions he made on the people who shared his journey.

“At its best, Blaze feels like a cinematic translation of not just Blaze Foley's life but his music, anchored by two incredibly likable, lived-in performances.” -

“Blaze is more affecting than most other live-hard/die-ugly music biopics.” - Hollywood Reported

Rated R, 127 mins

I Am Not A Witch.jpg

Opens October 12th

I Am Not A Witch

In her BAFTA awarding-winning debut feature, Rungano Nyoni crafts a satiric feminist fairy-tale set in present-day Zambia. When 9-year old orphan Shula is accused of witchcraft, she is exiled to a witch camp run by Mr. Banda, a corrupt and inept government official. Tied to the ground by a white ribbon, Shula is told that she will turn into a goat if she tries to escape. As the only child witch, Shula quickly becomes a local star and the adults around her exploit her supposed powers for financial gain. Soon she is forced to make a difficult decision – whether to resign herself to life on the camp, or take a risk for freedom. A hit at over 50 international festivals, I AM NOT A WITCH is a must-see for anyone interested in New African Cinema and contemporary female filmmakers.

“Nyoni is clearly confident in her vision and the story she wants to tell, and in her capable hands, the result is spellbinding.” - AV Club

“A magic realist fable set in present-day Zambia that has plenty to say about gender and superstition.” - Time Out

Not Rated, 90 mins



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August 1st: A Monster Calls

August 8th: Ponyo

August 15th: The Boxtrolls

August 22nd: Song of the Sea

August 29th: The Sandlot

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