Rent the Spectator lounge

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The Spectator Lounge rental includes use of a small kitchen for prepping parties. Renters are welcome to bring in their own food and/or their own caterer. Tables and chairs are available on a limited basis.

Cinema Center’s theater is available on a very limited basis for film screenings during your event. Additional rental fees, film licensing fees and projectionist and staff costs will also apply. If theater rental is included for your event, Cinema Center can open the concession stand during your event. Cinema Center will keep the revenue from concession sales unless other arrangements have been made.

Depending upon the nature of the event, additional fees may apply including security and cleanup costs. If rental is not a collaborative event with Cinema Center, a certificate of liability insurance (of $1,000,000) will be required two weeks prior to the event.  
Cinema Center reserves the right to decline rental to any group or individual.

To submit a request for rental, please fill out one of the forms below:

Spectator Lounge Rental Request

Theater Rental Request

For more information, or to discuss opportunities for collaborative events with Cinema Center, contact Tammara at or phone Cinema Center at 426-3456.