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Digital Story Telling Contest

Cinema Center is gearing up for our first amateur film-making contest. Wait, don't zone out yet!! We're looking to track down people who have never created a film and people who have dabbled in film-making. 

What we're asking our beloved community is that you pick up a mobile phone, go-pro, video camera, tablet, or any device that you can record sound and video on, and START RECORDNING!! Trust us, if you know how to Snap-Chat or Insty-story you can create a visual story! 

If we haven't convinced you yet why you should submit a video, let us tell you about the sweet prizes!! First prize winner will get their short-story screened at the 3rd year Hobnobben Film Festival and receive filmmaker perks (June 2018), along with the opportunity to pitch a project to the 212 by Artlink artist residency program during the Fall session, with the application fee waived!! Whoop whoop!!

2nd and 3rd place winner will also receive some pretty impressive prizes as well ♥ 

Send an email to movies@cinemacenter.org or shanelmartinique777@gmail.com to confirm your participation or ask any questions.

Film Specifications

• Participants do not have to have prior experience in film whatsoever. This contest is open to beginners and those who dabble a little, or a lot. This is a chance for contestants to share stories that are important to them whether fictional or non-fiction.
•Films can be up to 8 minutes in length.
•Films can be recorded on any digital device (mobile phone, tablet, camera, go-pro, etc.) 
•Films can include sound, or not. Your choice. Use your imagination, use words, sounds, music, color, to tell your stories. As long as they are based, focused and filmed in Fort Wayne, Indiana they will be accepted. 
•Contestants must be 16 years or older. Films can be up to a R rating, anything MA or NC-17 will automatically be disqualified.
•Film topics: The possibilities are ENDLESS!! Share stories about anything, based entirely in Fort Wayne.
Films must be submitted by April 27th, 2018 and will be screened with an opening event May 11th, May 12th and May 13th. 
•Purpose of this contest is to raise money and awareness for Cinema Center’s growing programming. Most importantly, to showcase art and film culture in the Fort Wayne area. And to shine a light on how accessible and important story-telling can be when film is the medium of communication.