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Summer of Love Bug Poster


Summer of Love Bug - FREE

Friday Night, July 25th


Bring your blankets and lawn chairs to see a family classic under the stars. Vorderman Volkswagen, Cinema Center, Bravas, Ginger Kitchen, and Shaffer Multimedia are bringing you a Summer of Love (Bug!) that you will never forget! 

On July 25th, Vorderman Volkswagen will hold a VW car rally and show in our parking lot on Clay and Berry St.  that will start at 7pm.  While you are checking out some of the coolest VW cars from the area, be sure to enjoy food from Bravas and The Ginger Kitchen

At sundown, our friends at ShafferMultimedia will project the old Disney hit, The Love Bug in the grassy area of the lot! For this outdoor screening, please be sure to bring your own seat or blanket.

This screening is FREE and open to the public! We can't wait for you to bring your whole family to this event.

Movie Synopsis:
Herbie is a lovable little Volkswagen with a personality all its own. Abused by a bad guy race-car driver (David Tomlinson), Herbie is rescued by a good guy racer (Dean Jones). Out of gratitude, Herbie enables the luckless good guy to win one race after another. The real fun begins when the ruthless hot-rodder connives to get Herbie back through fair means or foul.

110 min., Rated G.



Coherence Poster




On the night of an astronomical anomaly, eight friends at a dinner party experience a troubling chain of reality bending events. Part cerebral sci-fi and part relationship drama, "Coherence" is a tightly focused, intimately shot film whose tension intensely ratchets up as its numerous complex mysteries unfold. 


"The conceit is alluringly mind-bending without ever seeming off-puttingly brainy." - Los Angeles Times. 


"An ingenious micro-budget science-fiction nerve-jangler which takes place entirely at a suburban dinner party, Coherence is a testament to the power of smart ideas and strong ensemble acting over expensive visual pyrotechnics." - Hollywood Reporter. 


"An uncommonly clever genre movie, reliant not on special effects-of which there are basically none-but on heavy doses of paranoia." - AV Club. 


89 min., Unrated.



Child of God Poster


Child Of God - Sneak Preview Showing

Tuesday, July 29th at 7:30pm

$15 General Admission

$10 Member Admission  


No Cinema Center passes, Patron Member discount or Lincoln discount can be applied to the purchase of this event's ticket. 


Join Cinema Center in partnership with The New York Film Critics Series for a special screening of Child Of God before it's in theaters!  A recorded live event with Peter Travers interviewing Director/Actor James Franco will be after the movie.  Come join us for the Sneak Preview fun! 


The movie follows Lester Ballard, a dispossessed, violent man in 1960s Tennessee. Deprived of family and home, Ballard collapses into a life of crime and degradation. 


104 min., Rated R.



Night Moves Poster


Night Moves - Last Shows!


The fifth feature film from acclaimed filmmaker Kelly Reichardt, is the story of three radical environmentalists coming together to execute the most intense protest of their lives: the explosion of a hydroelectric dam-the very source and symbol of the energy-sucking, resource-devouring industrial culture they despise. 


"The film builds its stakes with a methodical reverence for the natural world that the trio seeks to protect." - Dallas Morning News. 


"A slow-burning suspense thriller about a trio of eco-terrorists conspiring to blow up a dam, it's directed by Reichardt with the concision and elegance of a chess master." - Slate. 


"Sharp and haunting ..." - New York Times. 


112 min., Rated R.



Obvious Child Poster


Obvious Child - Last Shows!


For aspiring comedian Donna Stern, everyday life as a female twenty-something provides ample material for her incredibly relatable brand of humor. On stage, Donna is unapologetically herself, joking about topics as intimate as her sex life and as crude as her day-old underwear. But when Donna gets dumped, loses her job, and finds herself pregnant just in time for Valentine's Day, she has to navigate the murky waters of independent adulthood for the first time. 


"Moment to moment, you believe what's happening in Robespierre's film, which is funny and rueful in roughly equal measure without being despairing in the slightest." - Chicago Tribune. 


"For many women who see it - and quite a few men too - it will instantly become a landmark moment in cultural history." - 


"Slate fits the role so well that her persona already seems fully formed, like Athena bursting from the skull of Louis C.K." - L.A. Weekly. 


83 min., Rated R.



Belle Poster




The true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), the illegitimate mixed race daughter of Admiral Sir John Lindsay (Matthew Goode). Raised by her aristocratic great-uncle Lord Mansfield (Tom Wilkinson) and his wife (Emily Watson), Belle's lineage affords her certain privileges, yet her status prevents her from the traditions of noble social standing. 


"The weave of the personal and the political finally proves as irresistible as it is moving, partly because it has been drawn from extraordinary life." - New York Times. 


"The performances, from a top cast including Matthew Goode, Miranda Richardson, Tom Felton and Emily Watson, are predictably flawless. The luminous Mbatha-Raw more than holds her own." - Minneapolis Star Tribune. 


"A lavish 18th-century historical piece that blends a Jane Austen-like romance with a political drama that explores slavery from a unique perspective." - Toronto Star. 


105 min., Rated PG.

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