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Remake: Movie Posters Based on the Films of the Coen Brothers Auction and Sale

May 29th at 7pm

$5 admission.


Join Cinema Center for a night of art and fun, all inspired by the films of the Coen brothers! 


Each artist was asked to recreate a movie poster of a favorite Coen brothers film. This collection includes posters for films such as Fargo, Raising Arizona, Inside Llewyn Davis, True Grit and many, many others.


Sales for prints begin immediately at 7pm. There will also be a silent auction for a signed and numbered framed poster from each film.


At 9pm, local band The Snarks takes the stage and after the auction and sale concludes, there will be a special screening of the Coen brothers masterpiece Barton Fink in the theater.


Bravas food truck will be on site for the duration of the event. Cinema Center will be serving beer and wine.


All sales benefit Cinema Center to help fund its programming and operations.


Artists include:

Adam Meyer

Andrea Atwood

Bob Storey

Brian Sterling Lewis

Corey Purvis

Elyse Boutall

Jake Sauer

Jason Swisher

Jeff Anderson

Jenn Storey

Kay Gregg

Matt Kelley

Meg Tiffany

Mike Green

Nate Utesch

Ryan Pickard




Iris - Opens May 29th


This film pairs legendary 87-year-old documentarian Albert Maysles with Iris Apfel, the quick-witted, flamboyantly dressed 93-year-old style maven who has had an outsized presence on the New York fashion scene for decades. More than a fashion film, the documentary is a story about creativity and how, even in Iris' dotage, a soaring free spirit continues to inspire. IRIS portrays a singular woman whose enthusiasm for fashion, art and people are life's sustenance and reminds us that dressing, and indeed life, is nothing but an experiment. Despite the abundance of glamour in her current life, she continues to embrace the values and work ethic established during a middle-class Queens upbringing during the Great Depression. "I feel lucky to be working. If you're lucky enough to do something you love, everything else follows." 


"Maysles' portrait of Iris Apfel, a 93-year-old self-described "geriatric starlet," is surprisingly memorable, graced with an unforced but unmistakable charm." - Los Angeles Times.


"Iris is more than just a movie about an amusing lady who likes clothes an awful lot. It's also a celebration of the revivifying power of creativity ..." - Village Voice.


"Apfel is constantly chatting to "Albert" off camera, not to us, and the affection adds an unusual meta level to Iris ... That intimacy is the movie's real subject; it'll make you feel swaddled in stylish conspiracy.' - Time Out.


80 min., Rated PG-13.




About Elly - Opens June 5th


From Academy Award winning director Asghar Farhadi (A SEPARATION) comes this gripping mystery set among a group of old friends on a holiday retreat. With the return of their close friend Ahmad from Germany, a group of former college pals decide to reunite for a weekend outing by the Caspian Sea. The fun starts right away as they quickly catch on to the plan of lively Sepideh, who has brought along Elly, her daughter's kindergarten teacher, in hopes of setting her up with recently divorced Ahmad. But seemingly trivial lies, which start accumulating from the moment the group arrives at the seashore, suddenly swing round and come back full force when one afternoon Elly suddenly vanishes. Her mysterious disappearance sets in motion a series of deceptions and revelations that threaten to shatter everything they hold dear. 


"ABOUT ELLY is gorgeous to look at. The ever-changing sky and sea lend it a moodiness so palpable that the climate itself seems a major character dictating the course of events; the weather rules." - The New York Times


"(I)f L'AVVENTURA is a deliberately frustrating portrait of European postwar anomie and a study in abstract, black-and-white composition, ABOUT ELLY is more dynamic and more realistic." - Salon


"It’s breezy, then suspenseful, and gradually, crushingly sad. On its own terms, it’s a perfect film." - Vulture


119 mins., Unrated.




Slow West - Opens June 12th


At the end of the nineteenth century, 16-year-old Jay Cavendish (Kodi Smit-McPhee) journeys across the American frontier in search of the woman he loves. He is joined by Silas (Michael Fassbender), a mysterious traveler, and hotly pursued by an outlaw along the way.


"An absurdist deconstruction of classic Hollywood westerns whose 21st-century view of frontier mythology is as sardonic as that of the Coen brothers." - New York Times.


"A wholly enjoyable buddy Western punctuated by occasional shocks of black humor." - Hollywood Reporter.


"A western fable with an often dreamlike vibe, "Slow West" proves to be a surprisingly sly tale of passion, greed and survival." - Los Angeles Times.


84 mins., Rated R.




I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story - Opens June 19th


For 45 years, Caroll Spinney has been beloved by generations of children as the man behind Sesame Street's Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch - and at 80 years old, he has no intention of stopping. A loving portrait of the man in the yellow suit, I Am Big Bird features extraordinary footage of Spinney's earliest collaborations with Jim Henson as it traces his journey from bullied child to childhood icon. And as the yellow feathers give way to grey hair, it is the man, not the puppet, who will steal your heart. 


"[A] loving documentary about a puppeteer who's brightened the lives of countless children weaned on Sesame Street." - Entertainment Weekly


"Offers just what the title promises, an involving and affectionate study of Caroll Spinney, whose Sesame Street bird we've all been following for almost half a century now." - Village Voice


"The film will remind audiences of the important role Big Bird (and the man in the yellow suit) played in shaping both culture, children's education and even politics." - Toronto Star


90 mins., Unrated




The Overnight - Opens July 3rd


In an attempt to acclimate to Los Angeles, a young couple spends an increasingly bizarre evening with the parents of their son's new friend.


"An unpredictably weird and delightful sex comedy, "The Overnight" has a sly take on contemporary coupledom." - New York Post.


"A perfectly cast quartet of actors buoy the slight, generally unpredictable antics of writer-director Patrick Brice's second feature." - Variety.


"An unsettling uncertainty gives emotional texture and depth to what could have been just another wish-fulfillment fantasy for frustrated thirtysomethings." - Slant Magazine.


80 min., Rated R.




The Tribe - Opens August 14th


Somewhere in Ukraine, Sergey enters a specialized boarding school for the deaf. Alone in this new and unfamiliar place, he must find his way through the school's hierarchy. Sergey quickly encounters the tribe, a student gang dealing in crime and prostitution. After passing their hazing rituals and being inducted into the group, he takes part in several robberies and begins to work his way up the chain of command to become pimp-protector for two of the girls, who turn tricks at the local truck stop. Finding himself in love with one of them, Sergey ultimately breaks all the unwritten rules of the tribe, with tragic consequences.


"Actions, emotions and desperate impulses speak far louder than words in The Tribe, a formally audacious coup de cinema that marks a stunning writing-directing debut for Ukrainian filmmaker Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy." - Variety.


"The use of sign language, deafness and silence itself adds several heady new ingredients to the base material, alchemically creating something rich, strange and very original." - Hollywood Reporter.


"Beyond the film-stealing, hypnotic use of sign-language, what we get is a bleak vision of a society gone to pot."- Time Out.


134 min., Unrated.



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