Hell's Headbash 2- Screening and Q&A  

Saturday, September 10th @ 5:00pm

Join us for a one-time only screening of Hells Headbash 2! Shot in Cleveland, OH in September of 2015, the film chronicles the three day underground metal festival put on by Hells Headbangers records, featuring 35 bands from all over the world (as well as a performance by Fort Wayne, IN's own Lurking Corpses!).


Presentation begins at 5:00 pm with an intermission near 6:15 (still pending) and ends at 8:00 pm.


A short Q&A will follow the film. 


Ticket Pricing:

$7/General Admission

No member pricing 


Purchase tickets online HERE


Art House Theater Day - September 24, 2016


Art House Theater Day celebrates the legacy of independent theaters as advocates for cinema arts. In an age where media has become more digital than tangible, more solitary than social, art house theaters remain the physical spaces where film lovers congregate and connect with intrepid, creative filmmaking. They are the beating heart for new and exciting cinema that is shaping the future of the medium.


In recent decades, a colorful constellation of art houses has emerged across the globe. This art house movement has nurtured a flourishing ecosystem of adventurous audiences, independent productions, and an incredible diversity of original filmmaking. Art House Theater Day is a worldwide celebration in honor of this movement, a day to celebrate cinemas that stand the test of time and the tremendous film culture that art house theaters promote.




Every theater is unique, and the Art House Theater Day celebrations will reflect that. But one invariable is that every event will be special. Several film distributors are offering exclusive programs that you will only be able to see on Art House Theater Day at participating theaters (keep an eye on our news feed for announcements).


Participants will also have special film ephemera and other exclusive items to giveaway. Add to that your own locality’s unique filmmaker visits, live music and parties, and there is an abundance of festivities to look forward to on September 24!


Cinema Center Line Up For Art House Theater Day:

11:00am A Town Called Panic

12:45pm My Blind Brother

2:45pm My Blind Brother

7:00pm Sound & Shadow (METROPOLIS w/ Metavari)

10:00pm Phantasm

Sound & Shadow Silent Film Series


Saturday, September 24th @ 7:00pm

Join us for our silent film series where we couple classic silent films with local artists performing live soundtracks! 


Our first silent film in the series is Metropolis, with live music by Metavari!


Metavari is the moniker of Indiana-based electronic musician, Nathaniel David Utesch. Metavari's music is the intersection of nostalgic electronics, ambient soundscapes and off-kilter pop music. As described by Nathaniel, "My dream is that this all plays out like some sort of midnight joyride in one of those semi-functional, Ferrari look-alike stunt cars from Miami Vice; Edgar from Tangerine Dream at the wheel, David Lynch rummaging the glove compartment for matches and Phil Collins bound in the trunk."


Metavari was initially conceived as a post-rock oriented full band, which lasted from 2008-2012. Nathaniel brought the project back to life in 2015, self-releasing his solo debut, Moonless, in America and on Friend of Mine Records in Japan. Live shows are often accompanied by the bassist from Metavari's full band iteration, Ty Brinneman.


Nathaniel's sophomore effort as Metavari is titled, Symmetri, and is expected to be available in 2017. An extended version of the record is being produced parallel to the work on Symmetri and doubles as an alternate score to Fritz Lang's Metropolis. September 2016, Metavari is performing the score in its entirety alongside Metropolis for National Art House Theater Day.


Ticket Pricing:

$15/General Admission

$10/Member Pricing


Purchase tickets online HERE


Upcoming Sound & Shadows:

October 28th @ 7:00pm: HAXEN with music from Christine Taylor and Andrea Atwood of Lost Lakes

November 11th @ 7:00pm: MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA with music from the Hope Arthur Orchestra







Film Club – Free, Members Exclusive Screenings


Now there is another great benefit of belonging to the area’s only community-supported, independently programmed, art house movie theater.  We are proud to introduce Cinema Center Film Club! On the fourth Sunday of every month, Cinema Center will have a special members only screening of one of our great, full-run films! The best part? This screening is absolutely FREE to all members who attend! You don’t need to do anything additional to be part of the Film Club, just be a current member. Preceding each Film Club showing will be a Members Only Mixer in the Spectator Lounge, where our great community of cinephiles can come together, have a drink from Cinema Center’s excellent selection of beer and wine and discuss all things movies with one another, as well as Cinema Center’s fun and knowledgeable staff.


Have a friend who isn't a Member yet? Bring them along and they can enjoy the screening at Member pricing! 





NSFW is the stuff you weren’t supposed to watch as a kid. It’s the stuff you heard someone describe and it sounded so absurd it couldn’t possibly be real. It’s the place where you can see Rowdy Roddy Piper one night and Jack Nicholson the next. Where people in the high-brow got their start in the low-brow. It’s Black & White, Smell-o-Vision, Red, Green, or Purple Tinted, and Technicolor. From Italy, Korea, the UK, North America, Japan. Dubbed, Subtitled, or Barely Audible. This is the Summit City’s showcase of thrillers, horror-shows, comedies, sci-fi head trips, the overshadowed flicks from burgeoning film titans, and the triumphs of the auteurs of sleaze. Welcome to, “Not Safe Fort Wayne”, bringing new and old cult classics to the three rivers!



Subtitled Sundays


In an effort to make our programming accessible to all audiences, Cinema Center is excited and proud to launch Subtitled Sundays! On the third Sunday of every month, Cinema Center will screen one of our regularly scheduled, full-run films with the captioning enabled. Not only will this benefit the deaf and hard of hearing, but it will help anyone who sometimes has a little trouble discerning dialogue when multiple characters speak, or who miss what is said in very quiet moments.

Past and Annual Events
Each year, more than 50 local artists donate one-of-a-kind hanging art pieces to this fun, festive silent auction. A perennial favorite with the art crowd and holiday shoppers alike. 

Braineaters’ Ball
A part of Downtown Fright Night, the Braineater’s Ball is a spookifying mix of movies, music, dancing, macabre art, a costume contest, and yummy food for the undead. Admission is free.

Oscar Party
Our annual salute to the Oscars! This popular party features a silent auction, live music, Oscar balloting, an Oscar trivia contest with prizes, great food and libations, and the screening of an Oscar-nominated film.

Spinal Tap Party
Nigel Tufnel Day on 11.11.11 was the occasion for this rockin’, one-time-only party. Cinema Center turned it up to 11 with beer, wine and tiny bread, as Christopher Guest fans turned out for a screening of the hilarious cult classic “This Is Spinal Tap.”
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