Sound & Shadow Silent Film Series


NEXT UP: January 27th @ 7:00pm: ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED with music from Silbo Gomero!


For Cinema Center's final Sound & Shadow screening of the season, we will show the first animated feature film - The Adventures of Prince Achmed, sponsored by Artlink Contemporary Gallery. This screening will be accompanied by a live score from Silbo Gomero, featuring Hope Arthur and Kurt Roembke. The Adventures of Prince Achmed is family-friendly and all students may attend at member prices.


The Adventures of Prince Achmed was directed by German director Lotte Reiniger, who spent three years making this silent animated film based on the Arabian Nights legends. The dashing Prince Achmed saves a lovely damsel from evil witches and mythical beasts, as well as discovering Aladdin's lamp, all in the beautiful silhouette style of animation which Reiniger herself developed. The film has the distinction of being the first animated feature in the world, released more than decade before Walt Disney's Snow White.


Silbo Gomero is Hope Arthur and Kurt Roembke. The two composers first heard each other’s work at the Fort Wayne Fringe Festival. Hope had just founded the Hope Arthur Orchestra and was playing her debut album, and Kurt was performing a multimedia performance piece titled Hunting For Mushrooms. The two started composing together for live dance productions, film scores, and other mediums; eventually taking on the name Silbo Gomero.


"There is a magic to the animation techniques in Prince Achmed that I hoped to bring out in our score. Attempting that, we’re experimenting with instrumentation by mixing acoustic instruments like the bowed saw, kalimba, and xylophone with electronic instruments like synthesizers (analog/digital), and even radio signals and white noise from a television," Kurt Roembke says, "It has been an effort to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, one that should result in an interesting, and diverse sound experience for the audience."


Prior to the screening at 6pm, there will be a discussion on the film and animation style led by Huntington University faculty Steve Leeper in our Spectator Lounge.


6pm: Animation Discussion led by Steve Leeper
7pm: Film Screening - Adventures of Prince Achmed w/ Live Score by Silbo Gomero.


General Admission: $15

Cinema Center Members & ALL Students: $10

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Film Club – Free, Members Exclusive Screenings


Now there is another great benefit of belonging to the area’s only community-supported, independently programmed, art house movie theater.  We are proud to introduce Cinema Center Film Club! On the fourth Sunday of every month, Cinema Center will have a special members only screening of one of our great, full-run films! The best part? This screening is absolutely FREE to all members who attend! You don’t need to do anything additional to be part of the Film Club, just be a current member. Preceding each Film Club showing will be a Members Only Mixer in the Spectator Lounge, where our great community of cinephiles can come together, have a drink from Cinema Center’s excellent selection of beer and wine and discuss all things movies with one another, as well as Cinema Center’s fun and knowledgeable staff.


Have a friend who isn't a Member yet? Bring them along and they can enjoy the screening at Member pricing! 





NSFW is the stuff you weren’t supposed to watch as a kid. It’s the stuff you heard someone describe and it sounded so absurd it couldn’t possibly be real. It’s the place where you can see Rowdy Roddy Piper one night and Jack Nicholson the next. Where people in the high-brow got their start in the low-brow. It’s Black & White, Smell-o-Vision, Red, Green, or Purple Tinted, and Technicolor. From Italy, Korea, the UK, North America, Japan. Dubbed, Subtitled, or Barely Audible. This is the Summit City’s showcase of thrillers, horror-shows, comedies, sci-fi head trips, the overshadowed flicks from burgeoning film titans, and the triumphs of the auteurs of sleaze. Welcome to, “Not Safe Fort Wayne”, bringing new and old cult classics to the three rivers!



Subtitled Sundays


In an effort to make our programming accessible to all audiences, Cinema Center is excited and proud to launch Subtitled Sundays! On the third Sunday of every month, Cinema Center will screen one of our regularly scheduled, full-run films with the captioning enabled. Not only will this benefit the deaf and hard of hearing, but it will help anyone who sometimes has a little trouble discerning dialogue when multiple characters speak, or who miss what is said in very quiet moments.

Past and Annual Events
Each year, more than 50 local artists donate one-of-a-kind hanging art pieces to this fun, festive silent auction. A perennial favorite with the art crowd and holiday shoppers alike. 

Braineaters’ Ball
A part of Downtown Fright Night, the Braineater’s Ball is a spookifying mix of movies, music, dancing, macabre art, a costume contest, and yummy food for the undead. Admission is free.

Oscar Party
Our annual salute to the Oscars! This popular party features a silent auction, live music, Oscar balloting, an Oscar trivia contest with prizes, great food and libations, and the screening of an Oscar-nominated film.

Spinal Tap Party
Nigel Tufnel Day on 11.11.11 was the occasion for this rockin’, one-time-only party. Cinema Center turned it up to 11 with beer, wine and tiny bread, as Christopher Guest fans turned out for a screening of the hilarious cult classic “This Is Spinal Tap.”
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